How to Break In Your Mattress

Just like a brand new pair of shoes, your new mattress needs some “break-in” time before providing great sleep for many years to come.

Breaking in a new mattress requires time and patience, but the end result is well worth the wait.


BedSmart 101 is here to explain what to expect, how long it takes & tips for breaking your new mattress in faster:


Good Sleep Takes Time

If you have spent one too many nights on a bad mattress, your body will need time to heal and adjust to the amazing benefits of your new mattress. Take a snooze cruise with your new mattress for a minimum of 21 nights to a maximum of 4 months.


The result should be a mattress that is adjusted to your body and ready for many nights of blissful sleep. If you find that your new mattress is not the right fit, BedMart’s 120 Night Guarantee provides a one-time exchange within 120 days of your purchase.

Choose a Side, Then Mix it Up

If you tend to be a right side of the bed sleeper, change it up and sleep on the left side, the right, the middle, and repeat! Sleeping on different sides of your new bed can help even out the feel, prevent sagging over time and speed up the break-in period.


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Rotation is Key

Rotating your new mattress is essential for extending its lifespan, but it is also a key player during the break-in period. Maximize sleep success by rotating your new mattress every two weeks during the first two months. This will assist in your body’s adjustment to the mattress, as well as lessen deterioration over time.