Mattress Warranty Claim Guide

1.) Do you have a copy of your receipt?
A copy of the original sales receipt will be required. Without proof of purchase your warranty cannot be processed; the customer is responsible to provide the receipt. BedMart maintains records up to 5 years and can usually reprint your original invoice.

2.) Is your product free of stains?
Stains and/or soiling void the warranty based on the manufacturer warranty card of your product.

3.) Is your Law Tag still attached?
The law tag(s) provide additional information needed for the manufacturer to be able to process your claim. On most mattresses, foundations, and adjustable bases, the law tag is located at the head. The specific information manufacturers are looking for is the model number and production date.

4.) Can you provide pictures?
Manufacturers will need to see pictures of the defect, attached law tags, and proof that the product is stain free. Pictures must meet certain requirements as outlined in our Warranty Claim Photo Guide.

5.) Does your Mattress have proper support?
Improper frame support will void your warranty. A flat and solid foundation is required. Metal or wood frame support must have 1 center leg for a Queen and 2 center legs for a King.

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, fill out the warranty claim form by selecting your manufacturer below:


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