Mattress Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

What is a warranty?

A warranty protects the consumer from manufacturer defects that would require a repair or replacement. Warranties do not cover problems that are the result of misuse, mishandling or failure to meet the requirements outlined in the warranty card.

The warranty on the new mattress and foundation you purchased is not an indicator of how long the product should be used before replacement. The warranty is there to protect the customer from product defects, not against the gradual loss of comfort and support.

When you consider emerging technologies that continually improve mattress construction and the changing needs of your body over time, you’ll understand why it’s wise to compare the comfort and support of your present mattress to a new mattress at least every few years, regardless of the length of the warranty.

I bought my mattress from BedMart Mattress Superstores, so who honors the warranty?

Because warranties are designed to protect against manufacturing defects, the company that made the product, not the company that sells them, provides the warranty. Although BedMart does not carry the warranties on the products we sell, we do provide our customers with a 120-night comfort guarantee. If you choose a mattress that turns out to be too firm or too soft – we’ll make sure you are fully satisfied and exchange it hassle free, with our 120-night comfort guarantee.

What are the warranty requirements?

  • Your mattress must be free of any stains, rips, tears, or damage.
  • Your mattress must meet the guidelines set by each manufacturer as detailed in their warranty card.

What’s covered in a mattress warranty?

  • Warranties protect your purchase from defects in manufacturing – not from damage caused by use or normal wear and tear.
  • Many people sleep on an innerspring mattress. If you find springs that are loose, broken or protruding through the mattress fabric, it may be covered by your warranty.
  • Squeaks and noises coming from your mattress or box spring are signs that there may be something wrong. Locate the sound and confirm that it isn’t coming from your headboard or bed frame.
  • The edge of your mattress should be tight and free of tears and defects. If you notice the tape edge has come loose, it’s important to have it addressed before the issue becomes worse.
  • If any of the wood in your box spring or foundation is broken, it could negatively affect the comfort and life of your mattress and should be fixed right away.
  • New padding layers conform to your body. You can expect body impressions to appear as a result. This is normal. But if you find a body indentation greater than one and half inches, it may be covered by warranty. For an accurate measurement, lay a yardstick or broom-handle across the width of the mattress in the area that’s sagging. Without pressing down, measure the depth of deepest impression. Don’t measure from head to foot, inside a quilting seam or buttoned stitching area.

What is not covered in a mattress warranty?

Warranties protect your purchase from defects in manufacturing – not from damage caused by use or normal wear and tear.

Items that are generally not covered by warranties include:

  • Stains or burns.
  • Structural damage due to improper frame or foundation support.
  • The firmness (or comfort) level of a mattress.
  • Normal wear and tear due to use or damage due to misuse – such as the border wire becoming twisted from bending or folding the mattress.

How do I make a warranty claim?

If you’ve ever had to process a warranty claim before, you know it can be confusing and difficult. We’ve done our best to provide all of the information you’ll need to make a claim, here you can also learn about BedMart’s Warranty Assistance Service, to learn more click here.

What happens if my bed is found to be defective?

  • The manufacturer will replace your defective mattress.
  • You will make an appointment to go back into the store to re-select a new mattress to replace your defective one.
  • For a fee of $99.95* we will deliver the new product and pick up the defective product. *Your delivery fee may vary depending on where you live.

How can I extend the life of my mattress and protect its manufacturer’s warranty?

Be sure to read the complete information on your mattress warranty card. Warranties protect your purchase from defects in manufacturing. To keep your warranty effective, it’s important to learn and follow your mattress manufacturer’s guidelines. These guidelines are located on your mattress’s warranty card. Some of the more common warranty guidelines are listed on this website.

  • Choose a matching foundation. Mattresses are designed to be used, and have been fire tested, in conjunction with a foundation as part of a set.
  • Select a proper bed frame. The bed frame you choose must provide sturdy support for both the mattress and the foundation. For queen and larger size mattresses, the bed frame should include a center support. If you select a frame with slatted supports, make sure it offers ample structural support – particularly for queen, king and California king mattresses. Improperly supporting your bed may invalidate its warranty.
  • Continuously support your mattress. Once you’ve confirmed your mattress has the recommended foundation and bed frame, use them in conjunction and continuously.
  • Use a stain-proof mattress protector or encasement. This will help keep your mattress free of stains, rips or tears, which is key to keeping your warranty valid.
  • For even wear and longer life, manufacturers recommend you rotate your mattress once a month.

My adjustable bed is not moving up or down as it should. What should I do?

Do not try to force the bed into an upright or prone position as it may cause permanent damage that is not covered by your warranty. You should contact the manufacturer’s warranty department immediately. They have technicians who can either provide you with troubleshooting tips or provide a repair technician to resolve the problem. Most remotes have a 1-800 number listed on the back for your convenience.