Mattress Warranty Claim Photo Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide mattress warranty claim photo guide to properly take photos of your mattress for your warranty claim to the manufacturer. Once you’ve completed all of the steps you will have 4 photos to upload to the claim form. These photos are required by the manufacturer for all warranty claims.

Step 1: Remove Cover

If your mattress features a removable cover, remove prior to taking your claim photos. If you’re unable to remove the zippered cover, your claim will still be given full consideration.

Step 2: Straight Edge

Place a straight edge, such as a broom handle or yardstick over the affected area.

Step 3: Mattress Impression Photo

Take a picture of the impression measurement by using the straight edge and a ruler. Do not measure down into a stitched area of the quilt.


Step 4: Close Up Photo

Take a close up photo of the defect or impression, showing the affected area and measurement clearly.

Step 5: Entire Bed Photo

Take one photo of the whole mattress set from a distance, including the width of the bed as best you can.

Step 6: Foundation Photo

Take one photo of the box spring, adjustable base foundation, or frame used to support your mattress.

  • This photo should be taken from the foot of the bed, while nothing is blocking view of the base(s).

Step 7: Law Tag Photo

Take one photo of the mattress law tag, ensuring the text on the tag can be read clearly in the image.

  • The mattress law tag can be located at the head of the mattress either between the mattress and headboard/wall, or between the mattress and base.
  • The foundation law tag can be located at the head end.
  • The adjustable base law tag can be located at the head end, either between the base and mattress, or between the base and wall.

Step 8: Send Photos & Receipt

The photos listed above are required for any mattress, adjustable base, or foundation claim request. Submit the four photos along with a copy of your purchase receipt.

Procedure Reminders:

  • Do not place any weighted objects (or people) on the mattress while taking the photos.
  • Do not take measurements into the stitching or quilting of the mattress.
  • The photos listed above are required for any mattress, mattress set, or foundation claim request.