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Want to sleep better than the Queen of England? With 26% more sleep surface than a Queen, King size mattresses are perfect for single adult sleepers and couples who want a lot of surface area to stretch out and relax!

The standard measurement for King mattresses is 76" x 80" (6.33' x 6.7'). The king-size bed is the widest standard size you can get. A split king or dual king mattress comes in two pieces rather than one, with each piece about the size of an extra long twin mattress. This is a perfect option for couples looking for an adjustable base set with individual control!

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Do you want to be up while your partner wants to be down? Split Cal. King power bases allow you and your bedmate to move freely, increasing comfort and decreasing the chance that one of you sleeps on the couch.

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Split California King

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X3 Bedsmart Base

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